Business Portfolio


Every day, we work closely with our portfolio companies to drive operational improvements throughout all areas of their businesses and secure strategic relationships from private financiers, businesses, venture capitalists, lenders, and institutional partners to accelerate them further to market viability and growth. Below is a representation of our current partners.

Let us know if you are interested in learning more about employment, partnership or investment opportunities with any of them.
SuperCooler Technology

SuperCooler Technology, Inc.

SuperCooler appliances offer precision temperature control customized to specific foods and beverages. Their technology increases food longevity and quality.


Signatouch Corporation (Acquired)

Patented application provides a system for rapid, secure digital signature captures in high volume situations for healthcare facilities across the country.

Trivia Duel

Trivia Duel LLC

Trivia Duel is creating and managing a skills-based wagering platform focused on trivia based competitions ranging from head-to-head, tournaments and suicide pools. Players will be able to compete for cash and/or prizes.

Daily Bread Bakers

Daily Bread Bakers, LLC

Daily Bread Bakers is a food concept that utilizes molecular gastronomy and freshly sourced ingredients to provide consumers with unique bread-based snacks via kiosk outlets.

GreenWay World Solutions

Greenway World Solutions, Inc.

Renewable energy company specializing in the development of a custom-built waste-to-energy system designed to convert solid waste into energy while generating recycled by-products.

Invisible Imaging

Invisible Imaging Inc.

Invisible Imaging Inc. has patented, multi-lens technology that provides hearing impaired and multi-lingual cinema patrons with invisible closed-captioning that is only visible through the use of a pair of specialized glasses.


FreshSurety, Inc.

Invented and patented by two engineers from the Stanford Research Institute, FreshSurety develops cost-effective sensors that can detect chemical and biological dangers inside food or pharmaceuticals in real time.

Lumz N Blooms

Lumz’n Blooms LTD Corp. (ACQUIRED)

OEM manufacturer and importer of indoor garden products and systems, designed for consumer use in the gardening, cooking, eating and home and office décor markets.

TradeX Group

Trxade Group, Inc. is a web-based platform that enables trade among healthcare buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals, accessories and services.

Star Asset Security

Star Asset Security, Inc.

Providers of security, data, voice and networking solutions for protection, detection and prevention. Serves customers in the government, institutional and commercial markets.

Twitch Technologies

Twitch Technologies, LLC

Twitch has developed an innovative alternative to the standard QWERTY keyboard. They plan to capitalize on the need for a new keyboarding paradigm on tablets and mobile phones.

Kelco Recycling

Kelco Recycling, Inc.

Jacksonville company that plans to collect, market, and recycle commercial products and material from waste processing companies for the use of bailing and resale.

V Track ID

V Track ID, Inc.

V Track ID has a proprietary system for extracting real time data from a vehicle’s on-board computer by remote and direct access.

Bio Tech Medical Software

Bio-Tech Medical Software, Inc.

BioTech created a highly sophisticated marijuana seed-to-sale tracking software. They are being implemented in the state of Washington, setting the standard for inventory tracking in the industry.

Quiet Town Group

Quiet Town Group Inc.

Florida’s #1 Home Hygiene Service. Clean Avenue makes clients’ homes more enjoyable-one clean room at a time.

Smart Baking Company

Smart Baking Company

Creators of SliceWise, a unique bread recipe that is gluten-and-carb free. Recipe contains high fiber, protein, vitamins & minerals. Now you can eat wise and drop a size.

Infrared Imaging Systems

InfraRed Imaging Systems, Inc.

INRIS has developed the VascularViewer — an innovative medical imaging device utilizing trans-illumination to allow doctors and nurses to more accurately and efficiently insert needles and catheters during peripheral vascular access procedures.


imediaReach, Inc.

A marketing company that utilizes cutting-edge mobile technology to aid its clients with acquiring new customers, while building loyalty and revenue from it’s existing customers.

Tender Watch

Tender Watch

Tender Watch is a product that offers efficient and affordable, in-home monitoring of senior family members, people with disabilities or latch key children, while caregivers or parents are away from the home, using SMS text and email communication.


GeoToll, Inc.

Developed a seamless solution that integrates smartphone geofencing, RFID technology, and a user-friendly ‘app’ for use in the tolling and mobile payments industries.

American Thermal Power

American Thermal Power, LLC.

Developed a patented technology for generating electricity with very low waste heat (90˚F and up), serving two main markets: commercial buildings and power plants.


AudioFlix, Inc.

Low-cost, subscription-based, online audio entertainment company that enables its subscribers to download, listen to and enjoy audiomovies and other non-music audio content.

E Drive

E Drive LLC

Value Range Pricing application helps car shoppers locate and validate the best deals on any year, make or model by scanning the VIN number with a mobile phone.

Law Firm For Sale

Law Firm For Sale

This firm has a highly successful and lucrative Personal Injury practice based in Central Florida with cases covering the state. With a solid reputation based on almost 20 years of work and targeted marketing, this firm has 450+ active cases and currently takes on 5 new cases per week.


SecureAire, Inc.

SecureAire has developed today’s most comprehensive Indoor Air Quality System for both commercial and residential use. At the core of their systems, SecureAire utilizes their patented Particle Control Technology to remove all indoor air quality contaminants.

Klear Kapture

Klear Kapture, Inc.

Klear Kapture has developed a body camera for law enforcement officers utilizing their patented Echo Technology. The unique technology increases ease of use and provides more efficient storage than competitors.

Drinkable Air

Drinkable Air, Inc.

Drinkable Air has developed several machines that convert the moisture in the air into pure drinking water. They also utilize a patented ozonation process to ensure exceptional quality and taste.